The widespread use of Internet has brought many problems. What do you

The widespread use of Internet has brought many problems. What do you think are the main problems associated with the use of Internet? What solutions can you suggest?
Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

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The Internet is a revolutionary technology and it has changed the way people work, interact with each other and interchange information, but not without consequences and the negative aspects are mostly related to the overuse and over reliance on this technology. In this essay main problems of the Internet technology, in particular, widespread use of it, with possible solutions have been discussed.

First of all, widespread use of the Internet is related to new and innovative devices like smartphones and computers and we replace those devices more frequently than ever. Thus we are creating a throwaway society and contributing to the production of more dangerous waste than our previous generations. Furthermore, social media, online games, entertaining videos, etc. which are available online are contributing to the online addiction among many teenagers. Laziness, for instance, is one of the most severe consequences of overreliance on the Internet and that obstructs people from participating in social activities. In addition, people are becoming less active, both socially and physically, and that is mainly because they are using the Internet all the time. As a result, our health condition is deteriorating and our social life is in jeopardy. Finally, our privacy is hanging in a vulnerable position and our security is in a risky state due to our dependency on the Internet.

After investigating causes of the problems thoroughly, it will be easier to offer solutions to the matter. Because of the teenagers and youth are more dependent on the web than the older generation, it is an advantage to provide activities for those with the restriction of cell phones, for sure. We should buy a new electronic device only when this is absolutely necessary. Moreover, the use of the Internet in schools and workplaces should be monitored. Young generation should be encouraged to get involved in social and outdoor activities. Finally, we should make our Internet access more secure and follow the standard security protocol so that hackers and intruders cannot access and gain our personal information like password or credit card number.

In conclusion, despite the fact that our society is becoming more dependent on the Internet and that can bring some negative effects for us, we have the solutions to mitigate these problems and enjoy the good side of this technology offers us.

Sample Answer 2:
Many people believe that the Internet technology, though has many benefits, has also caused a lot of problems in many societies. The following essay will discuss some major problems of the Internet usages and some of the solutions to resolve them.

For a number of reasons, the worldwide use of the Internet has been the root cause of several serious issues. Firstly, it is a fact that the online technology provides various kinds of inappropriate entertainments for its users. Thousands of adult websites are available and can be freely accessed by people from different age groups. As a result, many teenagers are addicted to obscenity these days which has impacted to their psychological condition and academic performance. Secondly, the Internet technology has caused a lot of social communication issues between families and relatives. With the existence of smartphones and tablets, people could stay online 24 hours a day as they chat with their friends or play online games in their devices. Consequently, people have less eye to eye conversations with their families and friends these days.

To resolve the first issue, parents should monitor their children’s online activities. They should check regularly at their children’s computer and smartphones and advise the children about the serious effect of accessing unsuitable contents to them. Parents could also make security setting for their home internet setting, whereas some adult websites will be blocked and banned. As for the second issue, it really needs the commitment of each individual and all the family members. For example, as parents need to lead by example, then they should give an example by using gadgets for a certain period of time. Another example is that all family members are not allowed to bring their own devices during meal time, therefore there will be a lot of time for eye-to-eye interaction between family members.

In conclusion, it is reported that the Internet has brought some serious issues for many communities. To address the issue, we have to be more active and aware.
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