Compare the advantages and disadvantages of three of the following as

Compare the advantages and disadvantages of three of the following as media for communicating information. State which you consider to be the most effective.
Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

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TV, Radio, and Books)
In today’s world, various media and our dependency on them have become quite significant in our life. I believe media like television, radio, book, film, theatre and comics have different advantages and disadvantages as they have subtle differences in the way they convey a message and communicate information. The discussion about the positive and negative aspects of three media- TV, radio and books, will be explained followed by my opinion about the most effective medium and finally, a rational conclusion will be drawn.

First of all, as a modern medium, television has become a part of human life. Most people nowadays have this medium as the tool to get useful information. Even for entertainment, they rely on their TV sets. There is scarcely any house that does not own a TV set. However, it can make people passive, as the viewers just sit on their chairs to watch it. In addition, research shows that TV programmes are addictive and can be a huge waste of time for many.

Secondly, radio has an important value in human life too. This tool is helpful for visually impaired people and interestingly we can work and enjoy radio at the same time unlike TV and carry it with us everywhere we go. In contrast, radio signals are sometimes weak and limited only in a specific area. Over time this medium is losing its popularity.

A book not only shares invaluable information but also contains the facts. Data collected from the past are stored in a book and this is the base for future research. The books help people widening their mind, enhancing their knowledge and learning new things. The books are so far the best medium for communicating information- generation to generation, past to future and are the base of our modern civilisation. I personally think that this is the most effective medium so far and will remain so for many coming generations. Except for the time and patience it requires, I do not find any disadvantages in reading books.

From the above discussion, it can be concluded that every medium has its own advantages and demerits. In addition, books are the most effective media they can widen human’s minds and convey knowledge from one generation to another.

Sample Answer 2: (TV, Radio, and Comics)
These days, various types of media are used to communicate different information to the public such as books, film, theatre and many others. The following essay will discuss the positive and negative sides of television, radio and comic books as media of communicating information in details followed by a rational conclusion and my opinion about the most effective medium.

Many people like television because they can both hear the information and see in visual which is a great way to convey messages to the mass people. Almost all television channels have their own news programs and should there be a special event in the country, most of the people would watch the show and that makes TV as effective tools to deliver different messages to the people. For example, the Royal Wedding in the UK is watched by millions of people around the world, as they would not only hear the news but they also want to see the bride and the maid and the whole festival. However, television has its own weakness as it is not mobile and thus often fail to reach people. They are not easy to carry, therefore people could watch television in certain places only.

Some people like the radio because of its mobility and way of delivering messages to people. Although a lot of people consider it as old fashioned, several people still prefer listening to the radio for obtaining useful information. A lot of people are following the radio while they are driving as they could get information about the traffic condition or the weather forecast. However, the drawback is that people who have problems with their hearing capability will have trouble in getting some information from the radio.

Although several people think that comics are mostly for children, but many adults still like reading comics. As comic conveys messages in the form of stories and it attracts children and teenagers, therefore it is an effective tool for delivering important messages to children and teens. Despite the positive side, a comic book has its own drawbacks, as the cost of producing comics is high and not all people like to read it.

In my opinion, the most effective media for communicating information would be the radio. Even though it has some limitations, radio is still the most beneficial tool because of its mobility. These days, radios are produced in smaller sizes, such as the pocket radio, which can be carried everywhere.
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