Some people think men and women have different natural abilities that

Some people think men and women have different natural abilities that make them suitable for different types of work. Others, however, believe that both men and women can be equally suited to do any type of work.
Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

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Whether men and women have equal capability to do any job or the type of work they do should be based on their natural features and inherent abilities is a widely debated issue. While some believe that both genders have an equal aptitude to do any sort of work, others, however, deny it and profess that nature has created men and women differently so that they become more suitable for particular jobs. This essay delves this issue and then draw a sensible conclusion.

A group of people opine that men and women are not physically that much different. Apart from that, men and women possess the same natural abilities, thinking patterns, needs and instincts. Since women are kept mostly inside houses, they react differently than men in different situations. If both men and women are given the equal opportunity and experience, they can both handle any job with the same efficiency. Thus this group of people deny that men are better in some selective jobs while women could outperform men in some jobs. As an evidence, they say that in the past women were deprived of education, job and other social activities and because of that number of women in higher positions was only a few.

Another group, however, remains strict to the fact that men and women have different physical and mental capacities and these capacities make them more suitable for different types of professions. For instance, a woman is a natural caregiver and hence nursing is a more suitable profession for her. On the contrary construction works, one example of such many professions is suitable for men.

In conclusion, looking at the rest of the living creatures in the world we can observe that tasks for men and women are determined mostly by their natural abilities and this is a natural law. Denying it would not be a good idea and in my opinion, no task is less important and thus distinctive professions makes them perform better.

Sample Answer 2:
These days, many people show their concerns whether natural aptitude should determine the kind of work men and women do, or they are both capable of doing the same type of activities. The question is, what should we do about it? This essay will explain both aspects. However, I am of the opinion that both genders are qualified to take the same challenge and are capable of doing similar jobs.

From the natural ability perspective, women are physically weaker than men and hence they are less suitable for the jobs that require ferocity and physical power. Men are meant to provide and protect their wives and the entire family. Secondly, the caring nature and tender heart that women possess make them more capable for certain careers. This means they generally perform better in occupations that require patience, caring and kind heart such as nursing, social works and teaching.

On the other hand, education and modern society have offered both genders to do any form of work and this was the most natural trend for the modern society to accept. First, women and men who go through the same university and training programmes become equally prepared to take positions in a company or in a society. Again, the traditional idea that women will take care of their children and men will earn the living is changing and a reverse scenario could be seen in many families. Finally, women in almost all fields have already proved that they can perform as good as men if they are given the opportunity.

In conclusion, although being naturally endowed may be beneficial for both genders, it is not particularly needed at workplaces. However, learning and training are indispensable for men and women in any society to work.
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