Many people believe that bicycle is a healthy and environmentally frie

Many people believe that bicycle is a healthy and environmentally friendly mode of transport. However, it is still unpopular in many countries. What are the reasons? What could be done to encourage the use of bicycles among the wider population?
Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

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It has been a while since the eco-friendly transportation bicycle was first introduced and its popularity seems like has decreased in many countries and this could have happened due to various reasons. However, some effective measures could be helpful to encourage the society to use cycles.

A few decades ago bicycle was used as one of the main transportations and with the invention of motorised vehicles, the popularity of cycle has decreased. A cycle, in the past, was seen as far convenient than walking or using animal driven transports. People could move faster with the help of a cycle and that made this vehicle quite popular in many countries. However, when the motorised vehicle was introduced, people switched to that as later one is faster and can carry more goods at a time. The safe and green mode of transport – cycle, became less popular as people started using cars for commuting. Moreover, the safety of the cyclist is a significant issue. Because nowadays roads are full of motor vehicles, the safety of two wheelers cannot be ensured. In additions to that, slow speed discourages many people from the use of cycles. Finally, cycles are inefficient for long distance transportation.

However, some key elements are there to gain back the cyclists to the road again. Firstly, governments should implement separate cycling path dedicated for the cyclist and that would ensure the safety of the cyclists. In addition to that, providing secure parking facilities will also encourage many to use cycles. Restriction on car ownership and increasing the price of fuel would encourage many to use cycle instead of driving cars. Finally, awareness campaigns to educate people about the health and environment benefits of using bicycle could be a great step to motivate more people to use it daily.

To conclude, a government has a great role to play to motivate its citizens to use bicycles and this would guarantee a green environment and a healthy nation.

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Sample Answer 2:
Riding a bicycle is good for our health and it is an environment-friendly mode of transportation. However, it is still not popular in many countries. The following essay will discuss some of the reasons for this trend and several suggestions that could be implemented to encourage more people to use bicycles.

In several countries, people do not use bicycles that much. Firstly because some people still believe that riding a bicycle is only a sporting or recreational activity and for commuting they need to ride on buses, trains or drive their own cars. Secondly, since some governments do not provide any bicycle lane for the cyclists; people find it risky to ride bicycles in the main streets. Without the existence of the separate bicycle lane, some people think that riding a bike to work would be dangerous as they have to share the road with car commuters and motorcyclists.

There are several things that governments could do to persuade people to ride cycles. One of the solutions is by providing separate cycling lane for cyclists. By having a lot of bicycle lanes in the area, it is hoped that it will encourage the residents to ride bikes for their daily commuting. Another solution could be encouraging and informing people by making campaigns about the positive effects of bike riding to the societies. Lastly, the government should also lead by examples about bike riding. One of the examples is that the government could persuade their employees to ride bicycles on a daily basis. If government authorities ride cycles to offices, it is hoped that the public will also follow the example.

In conclusion, bike riding is still not widely accepted in several countries. It is because the mindset of the people who believe that cycling is a just sport and cycling lanes are not available in their country. The governments should make some action plans to persuade their people to ride cycles.
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