Outline dành cho Writing task 2

Outline dành cho Writing task 2

Một kỹ năng rất quan trọng khi luyện viết là phát triển các câu đơn. Từ các câu đơn này, chúng ta sẽ “hô biến” thành các câu phức tốt hơn. Các bạn hãy quan sát:


TOPIC: People nowadays are encouraged to buy more and more consumer products. Some people think that it is good for the economy, others believe that this development will damage the society as a whole. Discuss both view and give your opinion.

The growth of the consumer society benefits the economy.
– Companies sell more goods.
– They expand business, hire more people, and pay more taxes for the government.
– Thus, people have employment opportunities while the government has more money to invest in other sectors of the economy such as education and health care.
– This ensures the long-term development of the economy.
– For example, the development of the economy of Vietnam has associated with a rise in the spending culture.
However, the trend also has several negative effects on the whole society.
– At its simplest, more waste will be produced and thrown into the environment.
– Natural resources will be exploited at a higher speed than before to provide materials for the production process.
– The demands for energy are also rising, putting a huge strain on power plants.
– It is evident that our environment is now put in jeopardy, which partly links to the development of global economies.
Nếu có những OUTLINE này thì việc viết bài không còn là quá khó, các bạn nhỉ

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