Map Writing Task 1 IELTS

Map Writing Task 1 IELTS

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The picture illustrates the alterations that have happened at a health center between 2005 and today.

Overall, the main difference between the two years is an additional block called the Minor operations room. The car park also serves more places than it did in 2005, with 18 more places.

The entrance, which was placed between the two fences in 2005, has been moved to the left side of the building. Central of the building used to be the reception desk, which has been relocated near the entrance and in front of a new children’s play area.

The consulting room number 2 has been demolished to make way for the consulting room number 4, while the consulting room number 1 has been converted to the consulting room number 3. The new consulting room numbers 1 and 2 have been built at the position where the entrance used to be.

The physiotherapy room remains unchanged while the office is smaller than before.

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