Longer life spans and improvements in the health of older people sugge

Longer life spans and improvements in the health of older people suggest that people over the age of sixty-five can continue to live full and active lives.
In what ways can society benefit from the contribution that older people can make?

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Generally speaking that older generation over sixty-five years old can do certain activities and can contribute to a great extent. I am quite sure that they could participate in some activities not only in the formal range but also in the informal area. I will outline two ways in which people can get benefits of this interest.

Becoming involved in family’s special occasions is one of the ways in which the elderly can contribute. The woman older relatives could share the recipes of traditional meals and the men could share their opinions and interests in traditional games that they used to play in the past. Hence, the younger relatives will be happier because they might feel more complete. The marriage couple could get some tips on how to build a happy family from them. Gathering with whole family members can increase happiness.

Another way is the elderly can participate in the school. For instance, the school can contact local retired people for sharing their experience to pupils. I am quite sure that the children will be fascinated by the older people’s story about the circumstances in the past. They could give information about the vital links between previous live and present time. On the other hand, children can ask their grandparents for replacing their parents, due to families now more mobile, on career days.

Some professions like teaching, research, writing, mentoring requires experience and the older people can contribute in these professions. For instance, an old professor can be a great resource for the research department in a college or university.

In short, the older generation can bring some benefits to society. As our life expectancy improves, the need for the older generation’s contribution also should be increased. Making elderly more active in society not only bring positive impact for them, but also for the young generation.
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