Homework is a part of school life. Many people feel that giving homewo

Homework is a part of school life. Many people feel that giving homework daily to school children works well for them, while some feel it is an unnecessary burden on them. What do you think about it?

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It is true that homework is an essential part of education for school children. Some of them think that homework helps them enormously, whereas others are of the opinion that it has very little value for students. Even though it brings some disadvantages, such activities are often considered to be advantageous due to various reasons.

People who argue that homework is very useful among school children consider many important factors. First and foremost, since homework is the important part of education in younger classes, it will cultivate a regular study habit in them considerably. To make it clear, pupils are forced to learn lessons whatever they studied in their classroom every day and they never forget such things in the long run. Moreover, they can achieve higher score or grade in their final examination. To explain, if they do homework on a daily basis, obviously doubts can easily be clarified and it would help to understand each and every aspect. Naturally, students can face examinations without much preparation as well as without any fear.

Furthermore, free time can be utilised efficiently instead of playing games. It also gives insight among students about the serious aspect of education in life. As a result, they develop a sense of responsibility and time management skills from the tender age onwards. Consequently, it would lead to the development of productive citizens.

However, there are others who contend that homework causes detrimental effects on children. This reduces leisure time of children to a great extent. Such imposed study exercises may create a negative attitude in children. Besides, some of them have a tendency to copy from other children as they are not capable themselves and they want to impress teachers as well. Nevertheless, I am strongly inclined to favour the idea the former statement because of the immense benefits.

To conclude, despite some disadvantages, it offers many benefits to both children and society in many ways.
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