In many countries, young people are granted certain privileges and res

In many countries, young people are granted certain privileges and responsibilities at the age of sixteen. Clearly, parents have a responsibility to both care for and prepare their children as they approach this important milestone.
To what degree should parents intervene in the lives of their 14-15 years old children?

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It is widely believed that grown-up children should be granted to take some particular responsibilities for making their own decisions at the age of sixteen. I am on the belief that parents still have authorities on guiding their children at that time as long as it is not too much intervening. I will outline two measures that can be done by parents for guiding their children.

First of all, the most important area is safety. Children tend to do something based on what they like but careless on its risks. Likewise, children are more curious than adults that they want to try anything. For instance, in some developing countries like Indonesia, especially in a village, many adolescents ride a motorcycle before they are 15 years old and they do not require a driving license. Commonly, they drive fast and do not wear a helmet. This issue needs parents’ attention. Therefore, parents should give advice and necessary information about the suitable time for them for riding a vehicle.

Another measure is financial management. In some regions, most teenagers depend on their parents for money. It is my firm belief that guiding them on how to manage money from the young age will be valuable for their future. In addition, children could make a better decision on what their money should be spent on. For example, parents should give a particular amount of money regularly. They have to commit that there will be no extra funding even though it is hard up. Therefore, children’s awareness will go up and the probability of getting a part-time job is highly likely to happen.

Proper guidance from parents can build a better future for the children. Teenagers often lack the experience for taking important decisions and the parents should always be friendly and supportive while guiding their children.

In short, whilst young people are granted particular privileges at a certain age, parents still have authorities for controlling them but without too much intervening. Children still need guidance for their future wellbeing.
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