Youth drug abuse is a serious problem. What are the possible causes of

Youth drug abuse is a serious problem. What are the possible causes of this behaviour? Do you have any suggestion to control that?

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Youth drug abuse is perhaps the most notorious and concerning issue that the poor and rich nations suffer from equally. Many young talents are wasted and families are destroyed due to drug abuse, especially by teenagers. Not only the illegal drugs are being abused, but also the youth’s experiment with the alcohol and illegal substances are on the rise. Suggesting accurate remedies for youth drug abuse is quite tough as it requires a clear understanding of the underlying reasons.

To note down the possible reasons for youth drug abuse, we need to consider the availability of these drugs and corrupted police department first. According to several recent news reports and investigations, the police department has the list of all drug dealers and possible spots where illegal drugs are sold. If this is the case, why they are yet to wipe out the illegal drug business from the city? Possibly money and corruption play a role here. Some people say that family bonding in modern life is not as close as they used to be. Due to family issues and pressure, many young people start abusing drugs. Initially, they find it a relief but soon they get trapped. Thirdly, the lack of proper counselling and teenagers curiosity drive many teenagers to try new drugs. This is a serious trend and family and teachers must consult with students to find out whether they have some bad companies who are on drugs. The concrete reason for young to abuse drugs are still unclear and many psychologists and sociologists blame the examples set by the elders. Public advertisements, magazines and movies that depict smoking and drinking can attract young minds to try them and this is just the beginning that ends is abusing serious substances like cocaine or heroin.

Personally, I would like to suggest that the authority should try to wipe out the illegal drug businesses from the country. If the illegal drug business is closed, teenagers would not be curious to try them. Another way to tackle this issue by having a better family bonding and parents spending quality time with the children. Finally, all sorts of public advertisement of tobacco or alcohol should be banned.

Hopefully, the day is close when we will have no young drug abuser in our society and this can be achieved by us – as a father, as a teacher, as a friend and finally as a law-enforcing officer. If we play our roles properly, we will have a better society
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