Today’s food travels thousands of miles before it reaches customers. W

Today’s food travels thousands of miles before it reaches customers. Why is this? Is this a positive or negative trend?

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Sample Answer 1: (It is mostly a negative trend)
In the modern era, we no longer rely on locally grown food only. We can now easily purchase food that crosses a long distance before reaching our local market. Though this trend has some clear benefits as it widens our freedom to choose our food from and reduce the food scarcity, it has some disadvantages that should not be overlooked.

No doubt we live in a global village and with the introduction of the speedy transportation system, food grown anywhere could be transported to other parts of the world. This means people can have any fruits, vegetables and other food items from their local market. If something is not locally grown, import it – globalisation has made it possible. It also fosters the international trade, helps many farmers reach the international market and help countries fulfil their food requirements. However, this does not come without a price.

The transportation of food requires burning more fuel and this is detrimental to the environment. Just to supply internationally grown fruits, we are unknowingly degrading our green environment. This is a price we cannot afford to pay. Another negative impact of transporting food is putting the local farmers into the competition and they are forced to produce more items at a lower cost and hence the increasing use of chemicals. This is in a way declining the quality of locally grown food items.

Furthermore, the consumers are often forced to purchase imported food that was preserved and produced with the use of chemicals. They are harmful to our health and people are purchasing those items at a higher price. Importers cannot ensure the freshness and proper nutrition of imported food. Local sellers also preserve them for several days. This makes it less nutritious and less fresh than the locally produced fruits and vegetables.

In conclusion, I personally believe that transporting food over a long distance is undesirable and have more negative consequences that the positive ones. It threatens our local farmers and chemically preserved fruits and vegetables that are being imported is not a healthy choice at all.
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