The older you get, life becomes more complicated. Discuss. Give reason

The older you get, life becomes more complicated. Discuss.
Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

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Ageing is a natural process happening to everyone. However, the bone of contention here is whether the life becomes easier or difficult as years pass by. In my opinion, though life seems to be challenging as we grow old, we could make it happier by making use our cognitive progression in our adult life.

On the one side, most people are of opinion that year after year, our lives get complicated. According to them, during our teenage and adolescence period, we are not carried away by worries related to family, finance and responsibilities, but as we grow older, issues like fetching a job, earning, saving, looking after our parents and children become a millstone on our shoulders. Another significant reason cited for why ageing is problematic is the age-related disorders causing physical ailments like knee and joint pains, eye problems and indigestion.

On the flip side, some people believe that ageing makes life more fruitful. They are inclined to a strong point that a man gets moulded at every stage of life and it is an essential improvement. Being immature and without worries doesn’t actually define happiness, they claim. Rather, every individual could use their natural boons such as intelligent quotient and emotional quotient as an aid to tactically solve the hurdles on their way. For instance, while we have a headache or fever, we might not know what to do during our younger ages but as we grow old we learn to take antibiotics or go to a physician. In the same way, every issue could be sorted out by everyone and life could be made happier. The freedom of decision making is a big difference in childhood and grownup time. When you grow older, you become the earning member and thus you have more freedom to take decisions. On the contrary, in childhood we rely on our parents earning and hence they take most of our decision and obliged us to follow their wish.

To conclude, the older we become, the happier we are by exploring the world and by taking up responsibilities and this is facilitated by the maturity factor of ageing.
So, we need to move on with life happily.
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