Some people think that top level authorities of a company should alway

Some people think that top level authorities of a company should always take suggestions or ideas from employees to take any decision while other disagree.
Discuss both views and give your opinion.

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It is a true fact to consider that today’s world has become a global village. Due to that reason, business has to face huge competition to catch-up the highly competitive market. Considering this, there are some analysts who hold an opinion that in the company top management should consider employees suggestions or ideas before making the decisions or innovation while others consider that they should take decisions on their own. This essay will assert both sides of the contention before deducing a reasonable conclusion.

Higher authorities should consider employees suggestions or ideas before taking important decisions for the company. First and foremost, job experience could be a significant factor. It is generally seen that majority of the people working in the particular area have become experienced professionals with different practical knowledge that the management could use in their favour for decision making. The fact could be demonstrated by in the food processing industry; food processing has been divided into various sectors such as harvesting, separating, filling, packaging and labelling etc. and to take decision appropriate employees should be engaged in the decision-making. The engagement of employees in decision making creates a very positive impression and inspires them to work better. The employees start feeling as part of the company and their output significantly increases. This is also an effective measure to control the mutiny of the labour in an industry.

There are some groups who are in favour of the idea that management should not consider employees suggestions or ideas when they make decisions, in spite of views discussed above. Management responsibility could be a substantial reason behind the opponent’s viewpoint. There are companies where it is believed that the higher management is responsible for coming up with the best decision and innovation for better a future because they believe employees add ideas or suggestions for their personal interests.

In conclusion, undoubtedly, company managements have higher responsibilities to take plausibility of implementation for the healthier future; however, as far as I am concerned, lower level worked force has immense experienced of their profession. Therefore, without any reasonable concern employees cannot be neglected and their decision and feedback should always be included while taking any decision for the company.
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