Large shopping malls are replacing small shops. What is your opinion a

Large shopping malls are replacing small shops. What is your opinion about this?
Discuss with appropriate examples.

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Cities are transforming in various aspects, one of them is shopping pattern. It is often suggested by many that traditional businesses should be replaced by mega shopping centres. I believe that large shopping malls offer a better shopping experience to city residents and help the government collect taxes efficiently. Therefore, I believe that this is a welcoming trend.

To begin with, large shopping complexes bring different vendors under a single roof and offer a spectrum of products. As people in cities have less time to spend on shopping, mega shopping malls save their valuable time. Furthermore, such markets have various entertainment facilities including cinema halls, food court, children’s play zone etc. which improve people’s shopping experience and let them enjoy their time. All those amenities under the same building cannot be offered by small businesses.

In addition, collecting taxes from scattered small shops is often unmanageable as there is no defined authority for the business entities. However, it is easier when the stores are under the market authority in a single building. In some countries, like Australia, the government gives a tax rebate to small businesses to let them grow, which consequently can have dire outcomes in the future as financial overturn cannot be justified with those cuts. Thus, small businesses do not have a wide appeal to people and nor do financially help local government.

In conclusion, to conform to modern shoppers’ demand and facilities, mega malls are emerging. This should be wholeheartedly welcomed as it offers a better shopping experience to people and ensures tax collection by the state.
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