Some people opine that increasing office hour is a reason for many soc

Some people opine that increasing office hour is a reason for many social and personal problems and that is why it should be reduced to 35 hours in a week. What are the advantages and disadvantages of reducing the working week to 35 hours?

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A balanced professional and personal life is the key to happiness according to many researchers. This is why a group of people suggest reducing the office hours to 35 hours per week to allow employees have more free time. It is undeniable that overwork causes stress and hamper the productivity in a long run, but 7 hours of work per day may reduce productivity and output.

To outline the advantages, 35 working hours per week will allow employees allocate more time for themselves and spend quality time with the family and friends. They will be inspired to take part in different social and sports activities and that would improve their health condition. Besides, the reduced working hours means more time for resting and taking vacations. Proper vacations refresh our mind and this has a relationship with the productivity of employees. Finally, many stress related issues are caused by overwork and if an employee works 7 hours a day, he is less likely to suffer from fatigue and stress.

On the other hand, decreased working hours would reduce the output of employees, especially in industries and that would hike the price of different commodities. Life would become even more costly due to the increasing price. Companies, on the other hand, will have to hire more employees to maintain their productivity and thus their operational cost would increase.

To conclude, a balanced working hour is already in place, which is 8 hours per day. Employees should work effectively during the office hours and leave office in due time. Companies should not put extra pressure and engage staff for more than 8 hours a day while the government should make sure that private companies are not violating the law regarding the work hours.
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