Modern appliances in the home have become more common, leaving no doub

Modern appliances in the home have become more common, leaving no doubt that advances in technology have improved our lifestyle.
To what extent do you agree or disagree with this?

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We started living in a cave, as the history suggests, and thanks to the novelty and advancement of modern technology that we now live in a grand apartment with many facilities which were unimaginable even a century ago. From an uncertain life where our ancestors had to deal with constant fears of darkness and lurking predators, we have a remarkably comfortable and advanced lifestyle and this has all been possible due to the innovation in technology.

It is often argued by many that modern technology has given us comfort but has cost us dearly. As an example, they point out that we have become less active and more dependent on machines, especially on the household appliances. According to them, this is a backwards step and apparatuses cannot improve our lifestyle. What they fail to realise is that the blessing of science has eradicated many deadly diseases that had often wiped out cities and made us vulnerable like ants in the water. Advancement in technology is not a one-dimensional straight line, it is a spark of light and without it, we would still be at the mercy of natural calamities. People may blame science for the contamination of food or the advent of fast food, but it is worth mentioning that without science, we would have a world war for the food crisis.

The household appliances like washing machines and vacuum cleaners have reduced the manual labour of cleaning while rice cookers, microwave ovens, coffee makers and electric kettles have improved the way we cook at home. We no longer need to end our day when the sun sets as electric bulbs illuminate the world. Thus it might be easy to criticise the innovation and wonder the science has brought to our life but living without them is utterly impossible. For instance, imagine what the world would be without the electricity, refrigerators, TVs and the internet. Unimaginable even for a day.

To conclude, it is undeniably true that modern household appliances have made our tasks easier, faster and more accurate. With this, we have a better lifestyle and more time to spend with our family members or to enjoy our leisure activities.

Model Answer 2: (Disagreement: we will have to determine the limit of its usages)
Innovations of science have touched the lives of billions. Most homes these days have at least a washing machine, refrigerator, microwave oven, an air conditioner and these tools have profoundly enhanced the way people live their life. Yet, the negative effects of the dependence on those machines cannot be denied.

To begin with, these household appliances save a great deal of time and human labour and this is simply amazing. People no longer need to work all day long to finish their household works and as a result, people can have more quality times. This is definitely a great leap towards the modernisation and a significant enhancement of their lifestyle. For instance, most women in the past century had to remain busy at home but these days they can spend more leisure time and this has all been possible due to the advents of modern household appliances.

However, modern technology cannot ensure better lifestyle by all means and in many cases, it deteriorates our lifestyle. For instance, TV is considered to be a wonder box in most houses. Due to our addiction on TV, we have little time to talk with other family members. This is not the desired state at all but an example how machines can negatively affect our lifestyle. Moreover, the modern technology used for preparing food and drinks are not always safe and cannot be compared with the hygiene and food value we used to get from food when they were collected from natural sources and made manually. For instance, the burger, sandwich or ice cream made at home are not as nutritious as our grandmother’s cookies or cakes were.

We can, therefore, conclude that technology is a blessing for us and at the same time if we do not use it sensibly, it might bring curse for us as well. This is why, we will have to determine the limit of its usages, even at home, to make our lifestyle standard as well as safe.
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