City planners’ new designs include setting up schools, markets and com

City planners’ new designs include setting up schools, markets and commercial places (like office) in different areas of the city. Do you think it will help the city dwellers?
Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

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Agreement to the view)
A planned city can be a blessing for the residences while an unplanned one can be quite the opposite and that is why planning is a crucial part while establishing a new city. Though traditional cities distinguish the residential area and include plans to build commercial and public service buildings altogether, away from the main area, many modern designers prefer these commercial establishments to be located at different places and I am quite convinced that the later one would bring more benefits to the city dwellers.

To begin with, though traditional cities are initially planned to have commercial buildings located in the centre of the city, to be away from the main residential area, in a few years, the structure of the city changes and it becomes more unplanned city than ever. It is natural that parents would prefer to send their children to a nearby school while shoppers would love to shop from around the corner. As a consequence, residential areas at a time become semi-commercial areas and traffic congestion kills people’s valuable time. In such cities, pollution increases and a few percentages of landlords get higher commercial rents while others do not.

On the contrary, if cities have saturated commercial settings, it will assure a balanced residential and commercial establishments and city dwellers would be greatly benefitted from it. The house rent would be fair and the traffic condition on the roads would be far better. Furthermore, the authority would have a control over the future expansion of the area and face fewer difficulties to ensure the necessary facilities for the local people.

To conclude, the modern city planning that supports the location of commercial entities and public services to be built in various areas of the city rather than having those altogether offers numerous advantages to the local authorities including less traffic jam, better public facilities, fair rent and future expansion of the city.
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