hướng dẫn cách viết writing task 2-13

hướng dẫn cách viết writing task 2

Some people think that parents should teach children how to be good members of the society. Others, however believe that school is the place to learn this.

Discuss both views and give your opinion.


Answer 1:  It is a widely held belief that parent should teach the children how to be good members of the society but there is a strong counter argument amongst sections of people that school is the right place to teach children. However, I am of the opinion that this is a matter to be debated in the light of several factors before any conclusion can be drawn.

It is generally believed that parents should guide the children how to deal with the society. This is mainly because children will obey the words of parents rather than the teachers. In many books we can see that parents are the first teachers. Parents should teach basic qualities like respect, obedience, honesty. Parents should teach that qualities at an early age, so that their children can imbibe these qualities into them. For instance my uncle’s daughter is just studying 5th class, but she respects the elderly people. Since their parents taught her the qualities which she must inculcate in her.
The education starts from home and the things learned from early childhood become part of someone’s personality and characteristics. Hence, the things kids learn from their parents have a lasting impression on people. So parents should be careful about teaching their kids the moral values and responsibilities to the society.
Kids by nature mimic their family members and thus parents can teach their kids how to be good members of the society by performing their duties correctly. Most children obey their parents more than anyone else and the instructions the parents give are thus have better chances to be obeyed by kids. Not all parents can spend sufficient time with kids because of their ever increasing business outside of home and for those kids teachers play an important role. Some kids listen to the teachers they like and follow their instructions like written laws. Thus teachers can contribute towards teaching the morality and responsibilities to the kids.
On the other hand, there are certain groups of people who vehemently contend that school is the right place to learn how to be good members of the society. One of the reasons why this view is held is that nowadays children are not having sufficient time to spend with their parents because both of the parents might be employed or they may keep their child in hostel. In school children will learn the education. The school must also include these qualities as a part of course structure so that the child may follow them.
Thus, it is evident from all discussion that, both the arguments carry equal strength and significance and neither can be refuted outright. I personally subscribe to the proposition that, school is the right place to learn how to be good members of the society.
Answer 2:
As the society has developed, different people have different opinions about how children should be taught the ways of living so that they can contribute their part and become good members of society. Some people think that parents should be leading from the front and some think that schools are the best place to teach these rules to the children. However I think that parents should consider this as their responsibility instead of relying on school to do this job.Now let’s discuss if parent do this job and become successful in carrying out this task this will not only help their children to live a good life in future but also teach them the rules and provide them the guide line how to behave with juniors , respect of elders , dealing with day to day matters , responding on difficult situations etc., which you cannot expect from the school to teach as school is basically associated with academics although they will teach children how to become good member and play their roles in society but the time , attention , sincerity and dedication which I think that can be played by the parents schools cannot compete.Schools mostly teach the academic lessons and punctuality to the students. They do not fully focus on moral values a child should learn and practice ad in fact they do not have sufficient scopes to do so. Parents, on the other hand have a good chance to do it. In many cases, the kids mimic the parents and thus the parents can make some examples to teach their kids. The kids mostly look at the teacher as some outsiders who would teach them academic lessons not personal values. Parents spent much more time with children than the teachers do. Teachers sometimes do not know the personal choices of students and thus can’t evaluate them perfectly. Not all teachers would take the responsibility to teach the students the responsibilities of a good member of the society. Schools cannot replace the role and responsibility of parents because it deals with the large number of children and each and every child has his/ her own state of mind, understanding level, thinking level and it is not possible for teachers to understand each and every child and teach him/her accordingly but the parents know their children by birth know his likes, dislikes, how he can understand etc. I would like to give my example that my parents always considered first their own role to teach me only academics lessons but also how to live life successfully as they have spent their lives and the mistakes that they have made should not be repeated by me. In the end I would like to conclude that parents should be the leading this part of job and should not expect this role from the school and time will tell that their efforts will not go in vain and will not only help their children but also coming generations.


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