Chủ đề: Describe a city that you have visited

Bài được tổng hợp các nguồn khác nhau mong muốn các bạn có được 1 kênh hữu ích trong quá trình tìm hiểu IELTS. IELTS Speaking với chủ đề: Describe a city that you have visited

Describe a city that you have visited. You should say:

– where the city is (and its name)
– when you went there
– what you liked most about the city and explain why this city left an impression on you.

I’ll talk about Sydney, which I visited last month. I went with some friends I met here and we spent the weekend there. It’s the capital, but not of Australia, of New South Wales but it is the most populated city in the country. It’s located on the south-east coast of the country next to the Tasman Sea. I think the population is something like four and a half million people. It’s such a famous city and everyone recommended that we go and visit it.

We arived early on Saturday morning and started by taking a stroll around the harbor area. It’s very interesting and there are lots of ships to see and along the side of the harbor there are lots of restaurants and cafes you can go to.

Then we went on an open-top bus tour that took us around the city. We saw all the maiin Sydney attractions such as Darling Harbour, Circular Quay, The Rocks, the Opera House, Hyde Park, Kings Cross and the Royal Botanic Gardens, and there was another place but I can’t remember it’s name. We did another bus tour on Sunday, but that one took us more out of the city to Bondi Beach and some other places.

I particularly like the variety of things to see and do in and around the city, and the days we were there the weather was just perfect, so we could rally enjoy everthing. I think what impressed me ost was how clean and well kept all the different areas were, and like I said, the variety of activities and attractions. You can find sport, adventure, culture and lots more, and oh yes, the people we met that weekend were very friendly to us.


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