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Hôm nay 16/08, 1 ngày đẹp trời để các bạn đi thi IELTS, theo như Ad cập nhật thông tin thì Đề thi writing task 2 Ngày 16 tháng 8 tại Việt Nam là: 

“In some countries, governments are encouraging industries and businesses to move out of large cities and into regional areas. Do you think advantages of this development outweigh the disadvantages?”

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The pace of human development has been enormously accelerated since the Revolution of Industry. This revolution has brought us both merits and demerits. Yet at the same time, the phenomenon of moving out the large industries and companies from densely-populated areas to outlying areas has sparked a controversy over its impacts. It is commonly believed by some that this movement is likely to bring more advantages than disadvantages. I stay a notion that this proposition is grounded.

We should first recognise that proponents come up with the argument that taking industries and businesses will bring numerous benefits to the whole society and environment. The case is true that by taking factories and business bases out of city centers, the deteriorating environment of cities will be definitely improved greatly. Another reason cited to support the idea of moving out the large factories and business to less-developed vicinity is linked to employment opportunities. As a matter of fact, affluent immigrant workers in rural areas will have a good access to working opportunities which, in the long run, will be a valuable facilitator of boosting the economic development of undeveloped areas. Last but not least, the enterprises themselves will benefit from this movement. It would be explained by the fact that moving into other areas could creat some new profitable markets for the enterprises and thus the market shares will be expanded, which is by far the most significant factor in the contemporary society full of cutthroat competition.

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[sociallocker id=”102″]Having said that some opponents can be made that a wide range of negative side of this development, among which the key one is that this movement would take large amount of money and energy while reducing tax revenue of the cities, cannot be overlooked. Another drawback should be taken into account is associated with the alternative of culture and lifestyle in rural areas. There is no doubt that it may take a long period of time for residents in rural areas to adapt to a new environment. Even worse, to some extent, population mobility may lead to the likelihood of a higher crime rate.[/sociallocker]

By the way of conclusion, I can subscribe a notion that taking industries and business out of large concrete areas to regional vicinity has brought an advantage-dominated outcome. In the long run, this practice is beneficial to the healthy development of a nation as a whole.


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