Bài mẫu IELTS Writing Task 2 chủ đề Tham nhũng chính trị Political corruption – IELTS model essay topic Political corruption

Tổng hợp bài mẫu IELTS Writing Task 2 chủ đề Political corruption Tham nhũng chính trị – IELTS model essay topic Political corruption

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Bài mẫu IELTS Writing Task 2 chủ đề Political corruption

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IELTS model essay topic Political corruption Sample 1:


Question: Nowadays, political corruption is one of the biggest challenges facing many countries. What are the causes of political corruption and what solutions can you suggest?

Answer: Political corruption is the abuse of public power or authority for private gain. It is an ever-present problem in all countries. Causes are varied and can include: inadequate regulations, insufficient checks and balances, lack of transparency and accountability, inadequate resources, structural and administrative weaknesses and influences of money and political endorsements.

To combat political corruption, governments must introduce firm laws and regulations. Proposals must include clear-cut laws regulating and enforcing disclosure by elected officials of their business interests and assets, as well as a system of effective sanctions against those who violate these laws. There should be no exemption from disclosure regardless of office and title.

Transparency, particularly in the workings of government, is key. Government activities should be open and the public should have access to accurate and reliable information about them. A monitoring system that enables an independent and impartial body to oversee and inspect government activities should also be set up.

Another way to stop political corruption is to introduce stringent financial regulations. All monies taken in or spent by the government should be fully and accurately reported with records made available to the public. This, along with ensuring the proper monitoring of financial provisions in the budget and expenditure, should be a priority.

Finally, effective public education of the public sector and increase public awareness on political corruption should be promoted. Media campaigns should emphasize the negative impacts and importance of avoiding political corruption. Providing information on what course of action to take if people observe cases of corruption should also be included.

IELTS model essay topic Political corruption Sample 2:

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In countries where corruption is widespread, what measures should governments take to reduce it?

Answer: In order to reduce corruption in countries where is it prevalent, governments should take a number of measures. Firstly, they should increase public transparency and open up channels of communication, such as creating open government initiatives and making government bodies, activities, and financial purchases open to public scrutiny. Secondly, governments should pass legislation which works to discourage corruption, by enforcing consequences for corruption-related activity, transferring ownership of assets to the government from those who have obtained them through corrupt means, and setting tough punishments for those found guilty of corrupt practices, including potentially jail time. Finally, governments should strengthen oversight mechanisms such as internal auditing and oversight committees, so that all behaviour and outcomes can be fully monitored and accounted for. These measures, in combination with increased public education and awareness on the topic, will have a positive impact on reducing the prevalence of corruption.

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IELTS model essay topic Political corruption Sample 3:


Question 1
To what extent do you think political corruption is a major problem in society today?

Answer: Political corruption is a major problem in society today, as it contributes to the growing inequality that exists within many countries. It can also lead to a lack of public trust in institutions and a lack of public accountability. It can be seen as a direct threat to democratic principles and undermine the human, economic and social progress of entire nations. For example, corruption has been linked to leading to increasing healthcare and education costs, inadequate public services and even the misallocation and misuse of public resources. The corruption of public officials can lead to diverting resources away from their intended purpose, which further undermines institutional trust and public accountability. The extent of the problem varies from country to country, but it is certainly a major issue in today’s society.

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