“The best way to learn English is to study with native teachers.” What

“The best way to learn English is to study with native teachers.” What do you think about this opinion?
State your point and give reasons and examples to support your answer.

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Sample Answer:
As an international language, English already dominates the world. From this regard, people around the world learn this language and whether learning it from a native mentor is the best approach is controversial. Though direct guidance of a native English teacher can be of great help, I do not consider it the best approach as there are other better methods to learn this language.

To begin with, a teacher from an English-speaking country use the language in his or her daily life and know the context of a word, phrase and grammatical rule. Since command of a language requires more than learning the syntax, a teacher from a country like the UK or the USA can guide a student to learn about the practical use of the language and can effectively correct the student. For instance, most of the non-native students who pursue their university education in an English-speaking country become better users of English from the guideline they get from native-teachers.

However, mentorship from the native tutors is one of the ways to be fluent in English, not the best way. Self-study, exposure to the English-speaking people and their cultures, online language courses, devotion and extensive reading habits can be more effective to be a good user of English. For instance, millions of self-made writers, journalists and interpreters have had no access to native teachers. Furthermore, passion to learn a language can often make someone versed in the language as these people invest a great deal of time to learn it from books and online resources. To cite an example, I studied in a school where roughly one in five students was from English-speaking countries but most of the composition contest prizes went to non-natives.

To conclude, having a teacher who is from an English-speaking country is undeniably a great way to have better exposure to the language but this is not the finest way to become versed in English. Self-study, passion and digital resources can be more helpful in most of the cases as per my experience so far.
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