Some people who have been in prison become good citizens later and it

Some people who have been in prison become good citizens later and it is often argued that these are the best people to talk to teenagers about the dangers of committing a crime.
To what extent do you agree or disagree?

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It is true that we should hate crimes, not the criminals as they are also the human being. Evidence shows that good individuals are forced to commit a crime and are convicted and many ex-prisoners become normal members of our society. Since they have suffered from the isolation and punishment, they can share their experience with teenagers and encourage them to abide by the laws and rules.

To begin with, rehabilitated offenders have experience about the prison life and the types of wrongdoing people get involved in. They can share those experience with the teenagers and young people are more likely to accept advice from someone who speaks from real life experience. This can be a great arrangement to let the adolescents know how someone gets involved in a crime and how they suffer for this. It would discourage them from committing crimes and become good citizens. I presume those teenagers will have many questions and the ex-prisoners are the best persons to answer those and this will have a powerful impact on the fresh minds.

Moreover, people who have been punished by the law would benefit from this arrangement as well. They would feel better by sharing their stories and this is a great way to stay away from crimes for these people. They would also feel connected to the society and would be glad for doing something good. Alternative ways of educating young people about the menaces of committing a crime are letting teachers educate students. However, in my opinion, this is not that efficient as students would treat those as class lectures, not real life interesting stories to listen to carefully. Educating students through stories and films can also be effective but they are not as much interactive as sessions with ex-prisoners.

To conclude, we should educate our young generation about the consequences of committing crimes and I believe they would learn this better from reformed prisoners who speaks from their experience.
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