Some people think mothers spend most of their time raising their child

Some people think mothers spend most of their time raising their children, and therefore the government should support them.
To what extent do you agree or disagree with it?

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It is certainly true that child rising is considered to be a crucial work of every woman. Although I accept that few women are still need of government’s support, I believe not all women expect this.

Gone are those days, when women were typical homemakers or mothers. The roles of women have changed inside today’s contemporary families. In fact, the women are becoming the breadwinners of the family and men are taking up the role of house husbands. So how is this possible for a mother to become wholly responsible for children’s upbringing! Educated women of this modern world share their responsibilities with their life partners and are also focusing on financial issues, career, savings etc other than the usual household chores and taking care of their children. It is believed that child’s behaviour nowadays is shaped by the schools and the society. So the parents just look after that their ward is getting educated in a good institution. In this way, the child grows more independently and successfully. Therefore, it is practically not possible for women these days to spend more time in child raising.

However, there are still women who are in dire need of government’s support. In some rural areas which are not developed, women still take up only the role of mothers. They may not be well educated and therefore cannot support themselves. The situation would be worse if she is divorced or a widow. In this case, women should be supported financially. For instance, Pettavaithalai village near Trichy city in India receives a funding to support all the mothers with Rs 10,000 monthly. Consequently, the women and her children are now developing and becoming successful. Thus, few women should be supported by the government.

In conclusion, while I accept that in few areas of the world women still lives on the darker side and should be helped, I believe that the revolutionised world has changed the role of most women and they do not depend on government’s support.
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