Should parents be obliged to immunise their children against childhood

Should parents be obliged to immunise their children against childhood diseases? Or do individuals have the rights to choose not to immunise their children?
Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

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In spite of the fact that parents can make their decisions in terms of immunising or not immunising their children from deadly diseases, they have to feel a responsibility to their children. From my point of view, it must not be optional and all children have to be vaccinated.

We all know that children who are less than 6 or 7 age are vulnerable to diseases and should have fatal results or big problems in their forthcoming future life if they are not protected from heinous diseases. Though these childhood illnesses might seem very simple, parents must pay attention to their children who are at these ages. By the way, it must not be voluntary for parents to decide what they must do. It is also the future of the country and the nation in terms of having a strong nation. Namely, children comprise the basis of education in the country, so children have a bulk and vital role in the country in terms of education and future. For this reason, governments have to make something special for that, such as legislations. These sorts of regulations will make parents feel responsible for their children.

Children, who suffer from deadly diseases and get affected by that in future, actually start hating their parents. Think about how sad it would be when a child suffers from physical disability only because his parents decided not to vaccinate him in his childhood? That is something we never want to happen to our nation. Actually, there are also some families who want to immunise their children but haven’t got sufficient budget to spend for that. In that way, governments have to undertake immunising such children and assign subsidies for those of children. People haven’t got the rights not to vaccinate their children. This is not an option, this is a must. Because it is inhumane for both children and parents who might become the victim of deadly diseases.

To sum up, parents must be responsible for their children and they mustn’t choose to immunise or not immunise, that should be a must for parents.

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Every infant needs an aid of protection from any danger at their early age. One of the most predominant perils is absolutely illnesses. Any disorder can be able to face them with the risk of death, even a single flu because children are vulnerable and a potential target for viruses and other threatening creatures. Their immunity system is just started to grow and improve. If they are not fed well and protected from hazardous effects the immune system cannot thrive and the body will destroy soon.

That’s why they are in need of their protectors at certain ages of weakness. It is evident that these protectors are their parents or responsible relatives. Hands of kind-hearted and generous parents are especially given for that reason. From the birth to the age of being an individual, parents look after their children with great patience and attention.

They devote their whole life to pay attentions to their protection like precious jewellery. This dedication includes health, happiness, culture and other qualities of their own personality. In front of those all health of their children is most crucial one. Kind-hearted parents always want their children to be healthy, because of that they immunise them very well. In their opinion, it is their obligation to do that. Unfortunately, some parents are in the other mind. They refuse to inoculate their children. It must be a scandal, because if parents decline to vaccinate them, then who should do the issue.

I think it is obviously the obligation of parents to grow up and immunise their children. Another variant could not be perceptible. And the government should impose a law for this type of parents to either immunise their own children or pay the expense of looking after them.
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