People naturally resist making changes in their lives. What kind of pr

People naturally resist making changes in their lives. What kind of problems can this cause? What solutions can you suggest?
Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

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Due to the natural reasons, people find it difficult to change the ways they live. It is quite difficult for a majority of people to alter the state of mind, the way they think and the environment they get used to. Therefore several problems can occur when they are told to do and solve their issues in easier and more decent ways. In my opinion, obvious solutions knock the door of psychologists and also family members and relatives should act in these positions. Changes in some cases are inevitable and embracing the new idea and way of life bring many opportunities and hence accepting new things are often not options, but mandatory for us.

In modern life, people adjust to different habits and routines and then they do not tend to get involved to change their usual activities. By doing this, they decline any other offer presented by surroundings, especially when these offers are from ones that they do not like. Because of that their resistance increases in not changing. For example, when a parent asked their kid to not do disobedience or not eat chocolate too much, this kid’s persistence in the matter sometimes enhances as far as parents ask. That’s why the worst and most difficult of the problem is the resistance of children’s unruly behaviour. If these issues are not undertaken by someone responsible and coped with the problem, its consequences stay to the rest of child’s life vitally.

New ideas, technology and changes are often for better ways of life. Not being able to grip the new idea and changes can bring personal and social problems. Parents who cannot embrace the idea of modernization and generation gaps often have bitter experience with their children. Changes in society are also natural with time and the old way life will not remain forever. New ideas often come to people with open and broader perspective. Old traditions have their importance but new customs, ideas and changes should also be accepted for the overall betterment of the society.

A healthy family and social relationship, use of technology, guidance and mutual understanding people of different generations can minimise this problem to a great extent. It is natural that old people will not easily accept the radical changes of ideas, values and way of life. New generations should talk to them, discuss them and present the good sides of the changes they have accepted.

To conclude, it is best to consult these overwhelming behaviours to an expert for the sake of the welfare of both the people and the society. By the help of modern psychology I do not think of a problem unsolved, and besides this is a crucial problem for a society that comprised of healthy-thinking people.
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