Multicultural societies, in which there is a mixture of different ethn

Multicultural societies, in which there is a mixture of different ethnic peoples, bring more benefits than drawbacks to a country.
To what extent do you agree or disagree?

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It is believed that multicultural environments bring many advantages for many people, since the variety of races, cultures and traditions will make the country become unique and attractive. Although, multicultural societies have some negative issues, but I do believe that the positive sides are greater than the negative ones.

On the one hand, countries that have multicultural communities have some similar problems. Firstly, it is common that discrimination would have been the main issue. Some groups of people feel that their races are the most superior one; therefore they would underestimate certain kinds of races. Secondly, there is always a debate about religious activities, as some groups might have extreme faith in their religions and would annoy other believers. One of the classic examples would be the debate of religion in Israel between the Jewish and the Palestinian, which have caused so many casualties.

Despite all the drawbacks, multiculturalisms will bring many advantages for the government and the people, if they are well managed. Multicultural societies make the city become alive and fascinating, as some sides of the city shown Asiatic cultures, while on the other side it shows Western civilisations. This situation makes the city becomes unique and would attract tourists from many parts of the world. As a result, it will boost the tourism industry, create a lot of employments and generate income tax for the governments. There are many multicultural cities that are well known, such as Sydney, Toronto and Singapore and they are considered as advanced cities, due to the proper management of its local government.

In conclusion, it is undeniable that multicultural environment has its own advantages and disadvantages. In my point of view, I do believe that multicultural societies have more benefits than its drawbacks if they are managed properly by the government.
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