In the future, we will have more and more leisure time as machines rep

In the future, we will have more and more leisure time as machines replace many of the tasks we do at home and work.
Discuss the benefits this will bring and also the problem it will cause.

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Presently we are living in the modern world where the domination of machines is notable to the extreme extent. A wide variety of machines is performing numerous tasks in a perfect manner and with the shortest possible time. The sole aim of the machines is to comfort us and in the future, we will have more leisure hours as machines will replace our tasks. Now, I will describe both the benefits and disadvantages of this dependency on machines.

To begin with, machines are meant to ease human activities. Usually, machines are able to perform tasks flawlessly than humans and in the future, they will just do that. So, they will be considered to be the substitute for humans in many tasks which require ultimate excellence and physical challenges. At the same time, machines can perform several tasks together and save time – for instance, a computer can analyse a massive amount of data in a single second. This is why in the future, the machines will be used in the war, research, construction and human will have more leisure time due to that.

On the contrary, there are some detrimental impacts of machines and this will be more severe in the future. Certainly, machines will relieve us from repetitive tasks, but they will create few complexities too. When people will leave manual works, the risks of health disorders will increase. They may get affected with several life-tolling diseases for their physical inactivity that they used to do before engaging machines for their comforts. Besides, I believe that machines will also create a mass unemployment. When machines will be used for large-scale production in factories, many human labours will be eliminated from those jobs. The dependency on machines would be extreme and due to this a single instance of failure or wrong instruction would bring catastrophic results.

To wrap up the discussion, I think it is imperative to deploy machines in only some specific sectors which are beyond the reach of humans. Further, the increased leisure will make life boring for us, and so we should be engaged in the ordinary tasks to enjoy a happy and healthy life.
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