In recent years, modern life has become more stressful than it has eve

In recent years, modern life has become more stressful than it has ever been. Consequently, many people are suffering from stress-related problems. What factors are contributing to this increase and what can be done to overcome the problem?

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Life is faster-paced today than the past and people are forced to work harder and for long hours to save their jobs. The professional and social competitions have skyrocketed and so has the stress-related issues. Our attitude, high competition everywhere and the very job nature demands more of us and as a result, we are suffering from stress-related illness. Our attitude towards our life and self-contentment could be the answer to this problem.

Ever changing and challenging job environment, rat-race in the job market, frequent deadlines, lengthy working hours, monthly targets and frequent meetings put us on our toes. We are in constant fear that the employer would pick someone else and we would not be promoted unless we excel in our jobs. Furthermore, technology changes rapidly and that makes the existing skill sets become obsolete and forces people to take more pressure to learn the new technologies. Income and job-related uncertainties are two major pressures on professionals and ambitious and achievement oriented people thus suffer from stress-related issues.

Besides, the ever increasing population in the city put more pressures on our immediate environment and resources. As resources become scarce, they also become more expensive which adds more pressure on the already struggling citizens. The growing intricacies of the modern world are compounded by the change of lifestyle and our expectation that pervades all aspects of our life and thus making our life more complex. If we do not know where to stop and when to relax, we will never be able to appreciate the beauty of life and come out from the stress-related problems.

To solve this problem, we have to change our attitude towards the life. Life is not about running after money and promotion and once in a while, we have to take breaks. If we know what creates our stress and start living a healthy life as much as possible, we would have a better lifestyle. From the employers’ end, there should be some initiatives for reducing the stress at workplace. Moreover, spending quality time with the family members and with people, we care about is another good way to fight stress. Above all, we have to learn to lead a contented life with whatever we have. This is the mantra of a stress-free life.

In conclusion, we have got only one life and if we let the modern world intricacies eat it up, we would be the greatest fool in the history. We need to be happy with little and lead quality time with family members to fight the stress-related issues that we acquire due to the competitive and demanding job environment.
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