Hướng dẫn viết mẫu IELTS writing task 2-6

Hướng dẫn viết mẫu IELTS writing task 2

Now a days it is more difficult for children to concentrate to pay attention in school.

Discuss the causes and propose some solutions.

You should write at least 250 words.

Model Answer:

In today’s world it has become harder for children to concentrate in the school and school environment, teachers’ behavior, school administration and lack of interests on study are some of the main reasons for that. In the following paragraphs I would briefly discuss the main reasons for this problem and would propose some solutions to address this sensitive issue.

The school surroundings should be pleasant and should have a cool atmosphere. In the noisy environment, children cannot pay attention in the class periods. Apart from that, now-a-days the schools are treating students in the wrong way. The faculties are giving them to remember the answers without actually doing the brainstorm and creative way of learning. The children just memorizing it and write those in the exams. That sometimes brings frustration among the students.

Students have more fun stuffs at home than they do have in schools. Like video games, computers, TV are more attractive and entertaining than studying in school. The teachers sometimes become harsh and that negatively affects the children’s thought. Proper environment is not ensured in many schools and students find it hard to study in a noisy and polluted environment. Very less interactive and interesting sessions are conducted by the school authority. Furthermore, very frequent exam schedules and pressure of study is another reason why students fear school. Teacher’s lack of knowledge and proper training sometimes makes them behave rudely. Alarmingly, the study has become more theoretical than practical and as a consequence the students’ interest on academic subjects is declining.

Some of the proposed solutions to address this very frightening issue are suggested in the below paragraph. I believe being able to address this issue would be a great benefit for our future.

School should be primarily a place for study but fun stuffs should be present as well. Academic exams and classes should be schedules in a way that gives the students that they are not being pressurized. Extra-curricular activities should be practiced more. Frequent appreciation and prizes should be awarded to the students for their performance. E-learning and flexible class should be introduced. More practical aspects than theoretical aspects of education should be introduced.


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