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Học ielts miễn phí

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Học IELTS miễn phí với đề thi viết IELTS ngày 21/6/2014 tại Việt Nam

An increasing number of people are changing their careers.
What are the reasons? Do you think this is a positive or negative development to society?”

While the majority of people are often satisfied with what they are doing for a living, there is a rising trend of others changing their careers at some points in their lives. In my view, this kind of development should be looked at in a positive light owing to its potential contribution to decrease the unemployment rate.

First of all, it is worth starting from the outset by examining the rationale behind this increasing trend. It is quite obvious that when it comes to personal preferences, they tend to change over time. The same logic also goes to career choices meaning people can change their jobs at any time irrespective of whether external factors play a role in their decisions. In most cases, people will probably think of a career change once they have experienced and learned all the necessary skills they need to know in the job. However, dissatisfaction with the working environment may also be another reason making people quit their original occupations.

Such drastic decision poses fear and uncertainties to many people as they may suffer from a long jobless period. However, on the bright side of thing, this trend may result in many job vacancies within a particular sector giving great chances to graduates or anyone who wants to set foot into the industry. Thus, it may help reduce youth unemployment and improve a country’s economy generally. Moreover, a recent study has shown that those who switch their professions may lead a more fulfilled and happier life after finding another career path that truly suits them.

In conclusion, following the argument above, I would like to reaffirm my position that this trend of development is indeed a positive one. It is expected that with many people changing careers for their own good, the mental wellbeing of the society will be significantly improved.
(314 WORDS)
• Career = job = profession
• Change = switch
• Collocation/ Idioms:
o Set foot into = begin to enter
o On the bright side of thing
o Irrespective of = Regardless of
o Do for a living
o For your own good = to the benefits or advantages of yourself


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