Governments should spend money on railways rather than roads. To what

Governments should spend money on railways rather than roads.
To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

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Fast & safe transportation system and improved communication are two important aspects of the development of a country. Every government works for it citizens to commute safely and quickly while businesses also depend on a solid transportation system. Thus when the question arises whether a government should focus on improving its railways or roads, people seem like have divided opinions. I personally agree that a government should spend more money on railways system.

Fast of all, railways offer safe commuting both for the citizens and traders. The numbers of road accidents and highway casualties in many countries are far higher than that of the railway casualties. Thus investing more on a safe way of commuting is a much more prudent idea. Rails cause comparatively less environmental damage while the road vehicles are the main reason for increasing pollution around the world.

Second, rails can carry hundreds of people and several hundred tonnes of goods while road transports can carry only a few. Some shuttle trains are many times faster than that of private cars and public buses. Thus improved railways would save peoples’ valuable time every day. Thirdly, rail lines are usually away from the main cities and that is why some busy cities have no other alternatives than to improve their rail transportation system. Express trains can reduce the traffic congestion in many cities and more investment to improve the railway is the only possible solutions in cities where a large number of people live in.

Finally, the population of the world is increasing rapidly and that is why investing more money on faster and dependable transportation system is more logical than investing in the older transportation system. Railways will be future in transportation and investment on it is the better choice for any government.

In conclusion, I believe that a government, either in a developed or a developing country, should invest to build a safer, faster and more reliable transportation system and the railway, for this reason, should get a priority.

Sample Answer 2:
Some believe that a government should build more railroads rather than highways and roads. To a certain point, I would agree with the statement, but I also believe that the decision of building railways or roads should be decided base on the natural condition of the area and the preference of citizens.

On the one hand, it is understandable if some people think that a government should expand more railroads rather than roads and streets. Firstly, it is obvious that when a country has extensive rail networks, it will positively affect the logistic cost. The selling price of many goods would be cheaper since a single locomotive could carry tonnes of crops, goods or liquor. Secondly, by building integrated subway stations in city areas, traffic congestion could be avoided. For example, as Singapore has a very good train network, called MRT, most of the people rarely drive on their own vehicles. As a result, Singapore is free from traffic congestion and air pollution.

On the other hand, it is also important for a government to have some feasibility study regarding the geological condition of an area before they plan to improve railroads. It is a fact that some areas might not be feasible for railways, as those areas might be swamps or have rocky mountains. Should the government build railway networks, the investment cost might be unreasonable. For instance, the island of Borneo in Indonesia is one of the largest islands in the world, but most of the areas are swamps. It is not suitable for railroads but as the island have wide and long rivers such as the Mahakam and Kapuas, the government could focus more on building water transportation there. The preference of citizens should also be considered before investing on construction on railroads or highways.

In conclusion, to a certain extent, I would agree that governments should build more railroads than roads and highways. But I do believe that governments should also make considerable measurement before they spend money on railways. They must ensure that their areas are suitable for rail network and people prefer that transportation system.
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