Education is very important. How can children who are disinterested in

Education is very important. How can children who are disinterested in the study to be motivated to learn?
What is your opinion on that?

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Education is highly essential these days. Parents give their best effort to make sure that their children get the highest quality of education. However, some challenges come up in pursuit this goal. One of these biggest problems is the less of students’ awareness and attentiveness in learning.

Students in many cases usually take part in education by force from parents and society. In other words, students are unaware of the learning process that they have been doing. It is believed, they just want to make people around them proud or pleased. In fact, they pretend to like and enjoy these learning activities even though they do not like that much to study.

Meanwhile, the improvement of education system serves several kinds of solutions. Particularly varying methods that are used in school or classroom can inspire kids to pay attention and enjoy their lessons. Education stockholders use different styles of teaching to combine with students’ preference. Indeed, children should feel enthusiastic and keep learning continually.

In addition, the next way out of this matter is children need a role model to show the real benefits of education. It is thought that children will figure out based on the example that to become a successful person; that means they have to study hard and vice versa. Moreover, the environment of children where they grow up also have a big influence. It means that the place where children are living can improve what they are doing.

Learning should be fun, at least to the children. The computer based and games based education systems that are adopted in many modern schools could be an effective way to engage the student in enjoying the learning. Learning through experience, fund and sports are the best ways to attract kids to study more. Parents and teachers have to handle the whole learning process delicately to make the students enjoy the reading. Finally, children’s psychology can vary based on their inherent characteristics, family and economic conditions of their parents and that’s why teachers should pay special attentions to each student and act accordingly to grab their attentions and focus on study.

In brief, being motivated students could reach closer to their dream. Many ways can lead to better education. A varying and suitable technique, portraying role model and getting support from the environment are pathways to be friendly with the study.
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