Children are facing more pressures nowadays from academic, social and

Children are facing more pressures nowadays from academic, social and commercial perspectives. What are the causes of these pressures and what measures should be taken to reduce this?

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With the ever increasing competition and demands in life, a child’s family, school and society as a whole expects too much from a child. While it is important to excel in study, sports, social activities and in other aspects of life, those children should be shielded from the mounting pressure by maintaining a balance in their life. Otherwise, the expectation would act as a boomerang and hamper the proper development of a child.

The world has become more competitive than it was ever before. For instance, I did not have to compete with anyone to get admitted in my primary school but my nephew had to take an entrance exam to actually get enrolled in the same school and one in every twelve applicants was successful to do so. Besides, my generation has plenty of time to enjoy besides attending classes while this is completely opposite for the current generation. They attend classes, take extra coaching, go to music and arts schools and read far many books and all these activities are meant to fulfil their parents’ dream that the child would be the top scorer, a math genius as well as a great soccer player and a renowned artist. Is this a rational expectation? Not in my opinion. Parents and the society have to draw a line on their expectation and find out the true potential of a child rather than pushing them constantly. The state should discourage having an entrance exam in elementary school and have sufficient funds to ensure proper entertainment and sports facilities in schools. Teachers should not pressurize children to do homework every day and make school a place to learn in a fun way. Furthermore, social perspective to prepare every boy or girl to become a doctor, engineer or a higher-wage-earning professional should be changed.

To conclude, children today are being pushed beyond their limit to achieve academic, social and commercial success and this has unfathomable negative consequences. The parents and teachers should find the hidden talent of a child, not try to make them something they are not meant to be.
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