Các mẫu bài viết writing task 1-43

Các mẫu bài viết writing task 1

Chorleywood is a village near London whose population has increased steadily since the middle of the 19th century. The map below shows the development of the village.

Write a report for a university lecturer describing the development of the village.

Sample Answer:

The given diagram shows the development done in Chorleywood village of London from 1868 to 1994. As is presented in the diagram, the development in this village had been done in different times and much of these developments were done in 1970s to 1994 while the roads and railroads were built earlier. According to the diagram, the main road of Chorleywood village was built prior to the motorway and railroads. The Motor road was established in 1970 while the railway was built in 1909.

Before 1900, only a portion of the village was developed and later (Between 1883 to 1922) the station was built and some development works were finished. The area near the station was then developed and during the end of this development the motorway was completed. Later after 1970s the development process seemed accelerated and many areas of the village came under the development process and at the beginning of the 1900, the railway was established.

The land roads including the motorway, roads and railroads of this village connects almost all of the parts of the city and the development had been done mostly based on the establishment of the transportation systems. The park and gold course is in the middle of the village and makes the central place of the village.


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