Bài viết về writing task 2-49

Bài viết về writing task 2

Millions of people every year move to English-speaking countries such as Australia, Britain or America, in order to study at school, college or university.

Why do so many people want to study in English?
Why is English such an important international language?

Use your own knowledge and experience and support your arguments with examples and relevant evidence.

You should write at least 250 words.

Model Answer:
Countries like America, England, Canada or Australia not only offer courses in English but also have the most talented and scholar teachers of the world. The facilities of University, library, laboratories of this country are undoubtedly much better than other third world countries. Furthermore, many people believe that, learning English language staying in a English-speaking country is the best way and that is why lots of students move to these countries to study.

There are lots of advantages to study English. First of all it’s an international language and in most of the countries it is the second language and official language where it is not the first language. With the increasing effects of globalization people have to move to other countries for many reasons and in most of the cases, English is the only common language to interact with people. So for the communication people have no other choice but to learn and use English. Secondly, most of the countries use English as an official language and use it while the interview. So get a better job one must be proficient in English. A person who is not flexible using the English language is often found in a situation where he/she has to hesitate to meet the foreign delegates and that is why often does not get the proper chances for promotion even after having the appropriate merit. So to increase the opportunities and job position especially in a multinational organization, one must be fluent in English. Finally, most of the books, thesis papers and internet article are either written in English language or can be found in translated in English. So to enrich some one necessity and knowledge one must be good at using English.

In my opinion the primary reason for English language being so prominent is because it’s used in most of the countries. The English colonies were almost everywhere in the world and that has economical, political and cultural impact for most of the nations. English is the primary language of the technological devices and internet and that’s because the inventors or developers are mostly from those English speaking countries. If a nation wants to embrace the technology then it has no alternative to learn the language fist. Most of the computer software and applications are written in English hand to learn it one must learn the language first. Another reason is that, with the increasing effects globalization people are adopting the foreign music movies, histories, books and style. And in these fields, the idol persons are English speakers. So to follow what someone’s favorite musician, singer, actor or sport’s personality is to follow the culture and language of this person.

In conclusion the world is considered as a single city nowadays and there must exist a common language and this common language is English. People learn this language to walk with the present trends and there is no alternative and even people prefer to learn the language from the English speaking countries and this is quite reasonable.


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