Bài mẫu IELTS Writing Task 2 chủ đề Kinh tế toàn cầu Global economy – IELTS model essay topic Global economy

Tổng hợp bài mẫu IELTS Writing Task 2 chủ đề Global economy Kinh tế toàn cầu – IELTS model essay topic Global economy

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Bài mẫu IELTS Writing Task 2 chủ đề Global economy

Khóa học IELTS cấp tốc 1 tháng

IELTS model essay topic Global economy Sample 1:


It has been said that the global economy will become increasingly interdependent in the future. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this for different countries?


The concept of increasing global interdependence has both advantages and disadvantages for different countries that are part of the global economy. On the one hand, interdependence allows participating countries to access a wide range of resources and opportunities, including cross-border investment, access to new markets, and diversification of economic activities. Additionally, greater economic and political cooperation between countries could potentially reduce conflict, poverty, and inequality, which are all global issues that require cooperation.

On the other hand, there are several disadvantages to increasing interdependence. For example, small and developing countries may be limited in their autonomy and decision-making ability. They could have difficulty competing or staying afloat if larger, more advanced economies have the upper hand. Furthermore, economic interdependence could create economic fragility, as if one country’s economy fails, it could trigger a chain reaction of failing economies around the world. In addition, interdependence could also lead to issues such as cultural homogenization, a lack of national identity, and exploitation of natural resources by richer countries.

Overall, global interdependence has both advantages and disadvantages for different countries, and it would be wise for all countries involved to weigh their options and take caution when engaging in interdependence agreements with other countries.

IELTS model essay topic Global economy Sample 2:


1. What are the main reasons for having a global economy?
2. What risks and benefits should be considered when entering into the global economy?


1. There are many reasons for having a global economy, including economic growth, increased trade, access to foreign investments, access to improved technology and products, and the potential for more employment opportunities. A global economy can also create a level playing field for all countries, regardless of size.

2. As with any major venture, there are risks and benefits associated with entering into a global economy. Potential risks could include political instability in foreign countries, a downturn of one country’s economy having a negative effect on other countries, and the potential for protectionism in some markets. On the other hand, the potential benefits are access to new markets, increased efficiencies from economies of scale, and the potential for increased competition and lower prices.

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IELTS model essay topic Global economy Sample 3:

Globalization has had a significant impact on the world’s economy, both positively and negatively. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Globalization has had a huge effect on the world’s economy and has impacted both positively and negatively in numerous ways. On one hand, the increased interconnectedness of countries has allowed for improved trade relations, boosting economic activity and providing more jobs, especially in areas with a weak economy, as well as a broader exchange of cultures, technologies and ideas. In addition, globalization has also provided cheaper products to countries with lower purchasing power, meaning people from these countries can buy more with their money.

On the other hand, globalization has also allowed for the exploitation of labor, environmental degradation, and global discrepancies in wages. In some countries, especially those with less developed economies, people are willing to accept lower wages due to poverty, though the people working in these positions may not receive the same level of protection and rights which those in higher income countries receive. Furthermore, in order to produce more cheaply, countries may diverge from global standards in terms of environmental protection, contrary to the expectations of countries with more developed economies.

In conclusion, while globalization has its definite benefits, such as increased trade, job creation, and improved exchange of cultures, there are also potential drawbacks which countries must be wary of, such as exploitation of workers and environmental protection issues.

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