Bài mẫu IELTS Writing Task 2 chủ đề Béo phì ở trẻ em Childhood obesity – IELTS model essay topic Childhood obesity

Tổng hợp bài mẫu IELTS Writing Task 2 chủ đề Childhood obesity Béo phì ở trẻ em – IELTS model essay topic Childhood obesity

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Bài mẫu IELTS Writing Task 2 chủ đề Childhood obesity

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IELTS model essay topic Childhood obesity Sample 1:

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What are the causes of childhood obesity and what strategies can be implemented to address the problem?

The primary causes of childhood obesity are a lack of physical activity, unhealthy eating habits, and genetic factors. To address the childhood obesity problem, strategies should focus on making physical activity part of the daily routine, eating healthier foods in more controlled portion sizes, and creating a culture of health education in the family and community.

Some specific strategies that can be used to address childhood obesity include the following:
• Establishing school-based health and nutrition programs that focus on nutrition, physical activity, and health education.
• Encouraging physical activity programs for students, including team sports and outdoor activities.
• Incorporating nutrition education into the school curriculum.
• Setting healthy limits on screen time to one or two hours a day.
• Providing healthy meals and snacks within reach of children.
• Ensuring access to safe places to play outdoors.
• Promoting healthy lifestyles within the home and community.
• Supporting research and initiatives of organizations such as the World Health Organization, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and National Institutes of Health to seek further information and develop new strategies to combat obesity.

By following these strategies, we can make sure that children have the necessary tools and information to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

IELTS model essay topic Childhood obesity Sample 2:

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IELTS Writing Task 2- Childhood Obesity


What are the causes of childhood obesity and what solutions can be taken to address the problem?


Childhood obesity is becoming a growing concern around the world due to its long-term health implications. There are numerous causes of childhood obesity, ranging from environmental to genetic factors, as well as lifestyle choices. Environmental factors may include factors such as access to junk food and lack of access to healthy foods, while genetic causes could relate to certain medical conditions that put children at risk of weight gain. Lifestyle choices, such as lack of physical activity and poor dietary habits, are also major contributing factors.

Fortunately, there are several ways to tackle the problem of childhood obesity. Firstly, measures should be taken within the government, such as providing easier access to healthy foods, as well as discouraging the consumption of junk food. Additionally, children should be encouraged to participate in physical activities in order to promote a healthier lifestyle. Furthermore, parents should be well informed on the importance of healthy eating and exercise in order to be able to provide the necessary guidance and support that their children need. Finally, medical professionals should be more involved in the detection and management of childhood obesity as early intervention can have a major impact on the health of children.

By addressing the causes of childhood obesity, governments, parents, and medical professionals can work together to ensure that children have the opportunity to make healthier lifestyle choices and lead healthier lives.

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IELTS model essay topic Childhood obesity Sample 3:

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Childhood obesity has become a major problem in many countries. What are the causes of this and what solutions can you suggest to address this issue?

Childhood obesity has become increasingly prevalent in recent years, posing severe health risks to many children. This phenomenon is largely caused by the rise of sedentary lifestyles and unhealthy nutrition that is often connected with low socio-economic status. Various solutions should be implemented in order to address this issue.

Firstly, providing children with necessary education concerning healthy nutrition is essential. This should include adequate information about balanced diets, avoiding processed food and consuming fresh produce. Moreover, physical activities must be promoted in the curricula, to ensure that children receive proper physical education and are encouraged to stay physically active.

Furthermore, it is important to ensure proper accessibility of healthy food choices to all children, particularly those belonging to lower socio-economic backgrounds. This can be achieved by implementing initiatives such as subsidized meals in school or providing healthier alternatives in fast-food restaurants.

Finally, parents should be actively involved in this process by introducing healthy nutritional choices to their children, as well as by encouraging physical activities outside of the school environment. This could be done through various activities such as joining a family gym or participating in sports together.

Overall, by providing the necessary education and making healthier choices easily accessible to families, it is possible to effectively address the issue of childhood obesity.

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