Bài mẫu IELTS Writing Task 2 chủ đề An ninh thu nhập Income security – IELTS model essay topic Income security

Tổng hợp bài mẫu IELTS Writing Task 2 chủ đề Income security An ninh thu nhập – IELTS model essay topic Income security

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Bài mẫu IELTS Writing Task 2 chủ đề Income security

Khóa học IELTS cấp tốc 1 tháng

IELTS model essay topic Income security Sample 1:


Some people believe that providing financial security for the elderly is the responsibility of their families, while others argue that government should be held responsible. Discuss both views and give your opinion.


When it comes to providing financial security for the elderly, there is a major disagreement over to whom the responsibility should fall. On the one hand, some people think that families should be held accountable. This perspective is based on the traditional family values that dictate that family members should take care of one another. Those who hold this view believe that it is only natural for younger family members to look after aging relatives, both financially and otherwise.

On the other hand, there are those who think that the government is the one that has the primary responsibility to guarantee a minimum standard of income for the elderly. Supporters of this view argue that since individuals are not able to fully rely on their families, the government should step in and fill the gap with social safety nets that provide financial assistance. In addition, they claim that retired people have spent a lifetime contributing to the welfare of their country through taxes and hence, they deserve to be taken care of in old age.

In my opinion, I believe that both families and governments should have an equal responsibility in providing security to the elderly. Families should support in the best way they are able to and the government should provide necessary assistance to the elderly who are in need of support. Governments should also create pension plans and other social programs to ensure the elderly can have access to a stable income. It is only when both the government and families do their part that financial security can be guaranteed for the elderly.

IELTS model essay topic Income security Sample 2:


Some people think that government should give more financial assistance for people who are unemployed. Do you agree or disagree?


I agree that governments should do more to support those who are unemployed. People who are unemployed are often in difficult financial situations and need assistance to ensure that they are provided with enough income to cover their basic needs. Providing adequate financial assistance is important to ensure that those who are unemployed are not left in a worse financial state than they were when they were working. Providing support can also help people stay motivated to continue looking for work and reduce the time they remain unemployed. Giving more financial assistance to those who are unemployed can help protect their economic security and give them the opportunity to get back on their feet.

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IELTS model essay topic Income security Sample 3:

Question 1:
Some governments provide their citizens with an income security, such as a guaranteed minimum income, in times of economic downturns. What are the advantage of this and what might be drawbacks of offering such security?

Answer 1:
The primary advantage of providing citizens with an income security during economic downturns is that it helps to ensure that people can still meet their basic needs. This can prevent deep poverty and improve community stability in times of crisis. Another potential advantage could be that it provides the government with a way of stimulating the economy by providing people with additional disposable income, which can be used for purchasing goods and services.

However, offering income security during economic downturns may also have some negative effects. For instance, any form of income security requires a substantial amount of financial resources. This can place a strain on government budgets and detract from other necessary services and programs. Additionally, this form of assistance might decrease the incentive to find other forms of employment or increase one’s skills, since they know they have a guaranteed minimum income to fall back on in times of need.

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