Bài chỉ dẫn viết IELTS writing task 1-68

Bài chỉ dẫn viết IELTS writing task 1

The graphs show figures relating to hours worked and stress levels amongst professionals in eight groups.

Describe the information shown to a university or collage lecturer.

Sample Answer:

The given graphs presents data on the number of hours worked by people of different professions and the percentage of employees suffering from stress due to the professions they have. As is observed from the given data, Business persons work more hours on an average than people of other professions and Lecturers suffer from the stress related illness more than other professional people.

As is presented in the bar graph, businessmen wok 70 hours per week which is the highest among the average working hours of given professions. Movie producers work 60 hours per week, which is 10 hours less than the businessmen but higher than working hours of other professions. The third highest working hours per weeks are for Doctors and they work more than 50 hours per week. Writers, programmers, lawyers and chefs work 47, 40, 37 and 30 hours per weeks consecutively and the least hours of time are spent by lecturers on their works which is 28 hours per week.

Interestingly, though the lecturers work less hours per week, they suffer from stress related illness more than other professionals. On an average, lecturers are one-fourth among those stress related ill people. Movie producers and Doctors suffer from this illness and their percentages are 18 and 15 consecutively. Though businessmen works more working hours, their percentage of suffering from the stress related illness is only 10% which is lesser than the lecturers, movie producers and doctors. Programmers, writer and lawyers suffer the least amounting less than 10% of total number.

In summary, the working hours is not directly related to the stress and illness from it as some professional who works less working hours suffer more in stress related illness.


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