Bài mẫu IELTS Writing Task 2 chủ đề Tương lai của công việc The future of work – IELTS model essay topic The future of work

Tổng hợp bài mẫu IELTS Writing Task 2 chủ đề The future of work Tương lai của công việc – IELTS model essay topic The future of work

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Bài mẫu IELTS Writing Task 2 chủ đề The future of work

Khóa học IELTS cấp tốc 1 tháng

IELTS model essay topic The future of work Sample 1:

Many people say that the days of working for one employer until retirement are long gone. What changes do you think this will bring to people’s lives?

The world of work has been undergoing a significant transformation in recent years. With more people shifting away from the traditional paradigm of remaining with one employer until retirement, this shift could bring a wide range of changes to the lives of people.

Firstly, this could mean that individuals will have to have a much greater level of resilience and flexibility when it comes to juggling various work roles and responsibilities. Rather than relying on a steady job for decades, people will need to be adaptable and diverse in their skillset in order to get ahead. This could also necessitate greater technicalness and digital literacy, as well as updated knowledge of current trends.

In addition, people may look for opportunities to engage in short-term contracts or freelance gigs, which could mean that financial security is no longer guaranteed. As a result, people may need to work harder to be able to secure employment and keep their skills up to date to stay competitive.

In terms of interpersonal relationships, the days of ‘one job for life’ could mean that we as individuals will start to place more emphasis on personal development and investing in ourselves. Long term connections with employers may become less important as we move to an economy of ‘gig work’, opening up more potential for self-exploration and discovery.

All in all, the waning of the ‘one job for life’ mantra could bring a whole range of changes to our lives, from increased financial volatility, to a focus onpersonal development and exploration.

IELTS model essay topic The future of work Sample 2:


What changes do you think the future of work will bring?


The future of work is an ever-evolving landscape that will bring a multitude of changes. The most notable changes include the continued rise of automation and digitalization, increased flexibility in the use of remote employment, the emergence of the gig-economy, and the increase of freelancing work. Automation and digitalization of tasks will reduce the need for manual labor, and increase the efficiency of businesses, while remote employment and freelancing will give more people the opportunity to pursue their desired career while working from anywhere in the world. Additionally, the growth of the gig economy will result in more short-term, high-demand, and project-based jobs that will enable people to quickly switch employers or work multiple jobs simultaneously. All of these changes will significantly reshape the world of work in both positive and negative ways.

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IELTS model essay topic The future of work Sample 3:

1. What do you think is the greatest challenge that the future of work will bring?

I believe the greatest challenge the future of work will bring is staying relevant in a rapidly evolving job market. With more automation and machine learning leading to reduced reliance on traditional labour, and an ever-changing skillset required to remain competitive and drive growth, maintaining a just-in-time approach to learning new skills and tactics will be essential. In addition, ensuring that the needs of the people are met without compromising the capabilities of the machines and technologies will be key to the continued success of businesses.

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